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Designed for Project Finance professionals.

Multiple analysts can work concurrently and automatically merge changes in Excel. The result is financial models that are built better and much faster. Reduce time, increase control. Build project finance models faster and more accurately with VersionXL.

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Financial Modeling with VersionXL

We help you collaborate safely in Excel to build your project finance models. Manage access, maintain full visibility of who made changes, with the ability to travel back in time to fix any errors that were introduced; and enable your teams to collaborate asynchronously.

Create project finance models faster and more accurately.

What is VersionXL?

VersionXL is an add-on to Excel that provides you with collaboration and control for your project finance models. Without having to leave the Excel world you know, VersionXL provides access management, workflow, collaboration, time-travel, and an audit log.

Key Features:

Financial Project Model Collaboration Tool

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