VersionXL Security and Compliance

VersionXL Security and Compliance

Reliable, safe, trustworthy.

Those are the core principles of VersionXL. When we are responsible for handling and storing customer data, in our cloud, your cloud, or on premises, we ensure your data is safe and secure.

VersionXL is SOC 2 compliant. That means that we have been independently verified to meet the highest standards in organizational controls and practices to effectively safeguard the privacy and security of customer and client data. SOC 2 compliance is determined by a technical audit from an outside party. It mandates that organizations establish and adhere to specified information security policies and procedures.

Being SOC 2 compliant assures you that VersionXL has the infrastructure, tools, and processes to protect your information from unauthorized access both from within and outside.

VersionXL meets SOC 2’s five trust service principles of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of customer data as a framework for safeguarding data.

The five trust services criteria:

Security: the protection of information and systems from unauthorized access. This is through the use of IT security infrastructures such as firewalls, two-factor authentication, and other measures to keep your data safe from unauthorized access.

Availability: the infrastructure, software, and information is maintained and has controls for operation, monitoring, and maintenance. This criteria also confirms that VersionXL maintains acceptable network performance levels and assesses and mitigates potential external threats.

Processing integrity: systems perform their functions as intended and are free from error, delay, omission, and unauthorized or inadvertent manipulation. Data processing operations work as they should and are authorized, complete, and accurate.

Confidentiality: VersionXL’s ability to access protected data is restricted to a specified set of persons or organizations. This includes client data intended only for company personnel, confidential company information such as business plans or intellectual property, or any other information required to be protected by law, regulations, contracts, or agreements.

Privacy: VersionXL can safeguard personally identifiable information from unauthorized access. This information generally takes the form of name, social security, or address information or other identifiers such as race, ethnicity, or health information.

The rigorous compliance requirements, which are put to the test in an on-site audit, ensure that sensitive information is being handled responsibly.

VersionXL is a certified Google Cloud Partner. As we build on the world’s most robust cloud infrastructure, we can offer a 99% uptime guarantee to all our cloud customers. We balance the need for speed and agility, with the risk and security measures required to comply with relevant industry regulations.

VersionXL continues to heavily invest in improving security and the robustness of our service.

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