About VersionXL

VersionXL is built and powered by data management platform TerminusDB. TerminusDB, the company, is a team of hard-working and creative engineers revolutionizing the world of data.


Our history comes from an academic research background. TerminusDB originated in Trinity College Dublin in Ireland when we built the information architecture for ‘Seshat: the Global Historical Databank’. The project’s goal was to store information about every society in human history, including everything from religious practices to a geographic extent. The solution needed to enable collaboration among a highly distributed team on a shared database whose primary function was the curation of high-quality datasets with a very rich structure.

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Changing the Way We Work with Data

As we spun out from University the focus of our attention turned to databases. A database with rich schemas combined with very fine-grained data-aware revision control. Designed to enable the types of Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) used extensively in software engineering to be applied to data. TerminusDB, our open-sourced knowledge graph database, was born.

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Improving the World’s Favorite Data Tool

Talking with friends, family, and customers in the finance world, it was abundantly clear to us how important Excel is to financial services. Particularly, Project Finance. It was also clear that Excel has serious limitations when it comes to collaboration and source control.

VersionXL takes our database expertise and applies it to Excel so users can stick to what they know and love, but with added version control, security, visibility, and collaboration features to eliminate issues and give peace of mind.